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Buy Psychedelic Gummies Online !! Best way to do mushrooms!!

No more gut rot!!

No more muscle aches and cramps

No more eating disgusting tasting raw mushrooms

Fast acting – hits you in less than 30 mins

Much nicer comedown

More controlled high, only lasts half as long as traditional mushrooms

Each gummy is equivalent to one gram of cubensis mushrooms

This product is the leading edge of psychedelic therapy. We extract all of the good properties of mushrooms and get rid of the unwanted negative traits that go along with everyone’s favorite psychedelic fungas; such as no more muscle aches and cramps, no more upset stomach and besides tasting amazing they are far easier on the digestive system. Each gummy block has the equivalent content as one gram of therapeutic medical grade cubensis mushroom.

Our process ensures that we not only extract the psylocibin, but we also extract the psilocin as well, both wonderfully active compounds, while removing all the unwanted organic material. They are fast acting and come on at around the 10 minute mark with full strong effects within 30 to 45 minutes. The trip is intense and bold, and the come down is much smoother and cleaner than traditional mushrooms. With bold flavors such as sour lemon, grape, lime, cherry, strawberry and orange to choose from, you can pick your favorite. These gummies are organic, vegan, gluten free and quite tasty.

Too much work to cut them all, and some would end up bigger than others. The new shape is slightly smaller, perfectly square, and just as potent as the previous ones. If you have any questions about this feel free to drop us a message!


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