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There are some misconceptions you’ll hear from time to time, such as “mushrooms are a poison” – That’s just plain false. Buy liquid mushrooms online

Magic Mushrooms are so safe that you can eat about 17 POUNDS of them before you are in danger of overdosing (or drink over 2,000 of these vials).

You are more likely to overdose drinking too much water than by mushrooms. (And Yes, people HAVE died from drinking too much water. No one has ever died from eating hallucinogenic mushrooms.)

Quite simply: Though we humans can definitely experience the effects of mushrooms, we did NOT evolve to digest the spores properly. So if you’ve ever received an upset stomach after consuming mushrooms, you now know exactly why. It’s because mushrooms evolved a defense mechanism to keep mammals (like you) from digesting the spores so that they could pass through a digestive tract intact. Liquid Psilocybin only contains the ACTIVE ingredients and none of the non-digestible byproducts typically found in dried shrooms. With liquid psilocybin you can fast-forward right past the “nausea” phase and straight to the enjoyable phase where you feel your body start to be ‘light’ and colors get brighter, and the world around you

as well as your internal thoughts start to become far more interesting. If that weren’t enough…Because of this, you will start to trip much faster which makes proper dosing much, MUCH easier. One of the biggest problems with consuming any mind-altering substance is the delay between dosing and the effects taking hold, since sometimes impatient people take a second dose because the first one hasn’t hit yet… and end up with more than they wanted. Almost like driving a car that has a speedometer telling you how fast you were going 15 minutes ago is sure to lead to a plethora of speed tickets and potential accidents…So are taking substances with huge delays in affect.

With Liquid Psilocybin the affects hit you quickly so you will KNOW just the right dosage to give you the perfect trip.

Liquid Mushrooms allow you to re-dose at any time during your trip! When you feel yourself beginning to come down, simply take more to bring you right back up again. So you can have a low-level trip that lasts all day if you choose. If you’ve ever tried to re-dose by eating more mushrooms as you are coming down, you know that it doesn’t work as well as the first time. This is because psilocybin slows digestion, so the fungal matter in your second dose of mushrooms will take much longer to digest, and therefore won’t be processed by your body as quickly as your first dose was. With pure psilocybin, you don’t have to wait on your silly ol’ stomach to digest everything.

In fact, with Liquid Psilocybin, you can plan to trip for the entire day at low, enjoyable levels by taking half a vial every 3 hours or so.


While liquid Psilocybin doesn’t have the fungal matter that causes an upset stomach, the drug *IS* serotonergic and your stomach has a LOT of seratonin receptors: so most people still experience a tingle or a swaying feeling in the stomach during the beginning of the trip, since your stomach starts ‘tripping’ before your mind does. But if you take this liquid on an empty stomach, you will significantly reduce the negative effects since your stomach won’t be trying to digest food while it’s tripping


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