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The original classic mind blowing strain with the mind blowing taste all veteran smokers know. High THC nice burn and great stone. Buy 10g White Widow weed Online.

Right here – this is why White Widow is considered not only the strongest, but also one of the best blended weed strains on Earth (70% Sativa / 30% Indica) and is a legend in its own right.

Intense, strong and very pleasant – It’s the perfect balance between the Sativa head high and a mild, but lovely Indica body high. Not as creative as a pure Sativa like Durban Poison, but rather a more relaxed, talkative, social high, and is no stranger to some deep introspection in quiet times.

Three or four decent puffs on a joint will leave you in no doubt as to what you have in your hands. The stone comes on about five or six minutes later, and then continues intensifying over the next half hour. Total stone time – around three hours.

Regarding the price tag – it’s ugly, I know.

This weed is not from my regular supplier, but from someone who specializes in exotic strains – and he charges for his services. Durban Poison is cheap because it pretty much grows wild all over the place here. Ten grams of this is equivalent to 20g of DP because you only have to smoke very little to get properly high. I initially only bought 100g of the White Widow – but it’s so good, I ordered another 200g. It’s worth every cent and comes with my personal guarantee.


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